Dry Dock

Here at Langley Mill Boatyard Ltd, we are very proud of our dry dock facilities & services.
Your safety in dry dock is paramount and our excellent facilities ensure all work can be completed to a high standard.

Whether you are a DIY’er or would like to leave it to the experts, our fully insured dry dock is a great first choice for seasonal and live-aboard boaters alike

Your Safety

Access to your boat in dry dock

Our guide rail drop bridge makes getting on and off your boat in our dry dock simple and safe.

We wanted to ensure there was no need for climbing ladders or walking planks.

This also applies to any furry family members you may have, that can not climb ladders.

Working in dry dock

Access to the working area of the dry dock is safely achieved by using our steps.

We regularly clean these steps to ensure there are no risks of slips or trips.

There is plenty of space to work in dry dock, whether you are in a narrow or wide beam.


Local amenities

There is plenty to see and do whilst you are with us.

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Local boating services

Getting it all done in one visit.

Whether you need a Boat Safety Examiner, Surveyor or engineering work, we can recommend local experts for anything not supplied by our boatyard team.

Services provided

Current prices

DIY Hire:

Day 1 £100
Subsequent days £50 per day
We offer a 10% discount on DIY hire for ECPDA and HNBC members.
Pressure washing can be provided at £30 per hour, or hired for £50 per day.

Hull blacking

High build Dacrylate bitumen £9.00 per ft. including docking fees, hull cleaning and 2 coats up to and including the guard.

We have a minimum blacking charge of £400.

2 pack can be provided, however we don’t offer a blasting service. Please contact us for current prices.

Other services provided include

Stern gland packing
Anode replacement
Rudder bearings

Additional Services

We can provide engineering services, bespoke to your needs, whether it be an engine service, new mounting feet, engine realignment or propeller swaps.

Please get in touch to discuss your requirements.

Telephone:01773 760758

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